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Announcing Live Presentations

We are delighted to announce the immediate general availability of Live Presentations – the first application in our Live Documents suite.

To take a look at our take on “Presentations upgraded for the Internet age”, see our product overview page here or better still, sign up for a free account and try it for yourself here.

Live Presentations is presentation authoring software that you can use on the desktop or in the browser, whether you are online or offline – our approach merges the richness and responsiveness of desktop software applications with the collaborative capabilities of browser-based services…

You will find Live Presentations has most of the features of the apps that you use currently such as Microsoft PowerPoint but gives you unprecedented choice and flexibility in terms of creating, editing and sharing your documents. But we are not trying to just bring PowerPoint to the web – we are also trying to diligently look at the current application landscape and try to fix niggling issues that users have been complaining about.

For instance, one major deviation from PowerPoint is that we don’t have bullets in Live Presentations – like many others, we believe that the default template of PowerPoint where a ton of content is just broken out into bullet points is a terrible paradigm in terms of what viewers can assimilate and comprehend. By leaving out bullets, we think users will be forced out of their inertia/stupor of believing that listing bullets is the only way to create a presentation and hopefully help them come up with ways to communicate, rather than just present!

If you feel that having bullets points is a critical aspect that you cannot live without, do let us know about it in our User Voice forum –


The Live Documents team